Maximize Your Forgiveness

PPP Loan Forgiveness Assistance

Gain confidence that the complex PPP forgiveness calculations have been done correctly, and with the right methods to maximize your forgiveness.

PPP Forgiveness Is A Complex Process

Minimize Risk of Forgiveness Denial

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is intended to offer businesses hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic economic assistannce with completely forgivable principal. But to get that full loan forgiveness, recipients must navigate a process with complex rules and calculations. Documentation missteps, and other lapses mean that you might end up having to pay back a big chunk, if not all, of your loan back.

We help throughout the entire process:

PPP Forgiveness Assistance

Our PPP Forgiveness Assistance Package is an end to end solution, taking the in-depth knowledge of the law, employing strategies that maximize loan forgiveness, providing guidelines on document retention and advice on minimizing risk.

Maintaining / Restoring Forgiveness Eligibilty

Customized strategies to help you stay compliant or restore eligibility according to the latest forgiveness rules.

Document Retention & Preparation

Bookkeeping that adheres with up-to-date PPP forgiveness rules and provide guidelines on document retention.

Form 3508EZ & 3508 Application Assistance

Create final forgiveness calculation for inclusion in loan document submission.

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Our PPP loan Forgiveness Assistance package includes the following:

  • Consulting with management on details of the law and nuances of the regulations
  • Development of individualized work plans and operational process for tracking costs
  • Advisory services for maximizing forgiveness, through incurring eligible payroll and non-payroll costs under the CAREs Act
  • Generate processes for calculating FTEs, choosing covered periods and determining references dates for most advantageous results
  • Create strategies to limit salary wage and FTE reductions, through safe harbor options
  • Utilize payroll and non- payroll information for creating forecasted forgiveness numbers
  • Discuss “what if” scenarios during the forecasting phase to allow management to do appropriate planning
  • Create final forgiveness calculation for inclusion in SBA loan document submission
  • Review back up documentation provided to SBA lender to minimize risk of loss of forgiveness

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